New API for Gatekrash

  • By John
  • February 2nd, 2011

The new version of Gatekrash will feature a nice shiny API

I've been rebuilding Gatekrash recently, and I've had the chance to change a lot of the design and development mistakes I made the first time round. One of these mistakes was not including a properly structured API.

On the first version of Gatekrash, I employ a small amount of AJAX-y goodness to retrieve listings inline (to avoid forcing the user to reload the page to get new results). Gatekrash Mobile also relies on this method. It is a very simple REST system, not very scalable, and certainly not fully featured.

I decided to replace the badly designed method of retrieving data with a more structured approach. It will still return results as JSON formatted data, but I'll add in more functions (currently it only lets you request 'soon', 'now' and 'search' queries) - adding in functions like 'venue', 'place', and 'popular'. I'll also allow for better control over how many results and which pages of results can be requested.

The scope (local, nearby, and national events) has been improved as a direct result of improving the method of determining nearby places.

Additionally, I'll provide documentation on how to use the API on the Gatekrash website, so anybody can use the data. I won't impose rate limiting, but bear in mind that it runs of a single, quite low powered VPS. Please be kind!