Future bits and pieces for Instant Playlist

  • By John
  • March 18th, 2011

A couple of enhancements to Instant Playlist coming in the future

If you hadn't noticed, I've recently finished making a mashup called Instant Playlist. It generates a playlist for you (playable via Spotify) based on what you feel like listening to (in the form of tags, such as 'female vocalists', 'rock', 'party', etc.).

It's very basic at the moment, only allowing you to create a playlist, or to browse recently created playlists and their tags. You can also browse song and artist pages via playlist pages.

I'll be adding several new features in the coming weeks, including...

  • The ability to save playlists back to Last.fm I'll be adding a simple feature which will allow anybody to save any playlist back to their Last.fm account (using their authentication methods/API).

  • Browse and search Obviously this feature would be very useful in finding relevant playlists to suit your mood without necessarily having to create one from scratch.

  • 'Integration' with some of my other sites (i.e. Gatekrash and Really Very) Links (on relevant pages) to events on Gatekrash (done) and reviews/articles on Really Very.

  • Better generation randomness Currently you may notice some of the playlists sharing the same tags containing a lot of the same songs. This isn't very good. I'll be altering the way that it generates playlists (using The Hype Machine and Last.fm) to include more variety in the songs it uses.

  • Grooveshark playback I'll be adding Grooveshark playback at some point, although it won't be the same as Spotify in that you won't be able to playback all songs automatically (only individual songs). This is due to the technical impossibility of adding all songs to a Grooveshark playlist at once at the moment.

And that's about it (or all I can think of at the moment).