Working on a new site

  • By John
  • July 3rd, 2011

Working with a lot of new tools on my new website

I'm currently busy with a new website I'm developing which, touch wood, will be launched within the next few weeks. The site has many elements that I've not done before (at least on a professional level), and is easily the most complicated and 'big' websites that I've been involved with so far.

One of the handy side effects of this was the ability to learn and use tools that I've not had the chance to use before. The site itself is being created using the Pyramid framework (the successor to Pylons), with MongoDB as the persistence layer. I've used neither of these technologies before, so it's been a fairly steep learning curve.

Pyramid is extremely robust, especially from a beginner's perspective. Once I got over the initial hurdle of figuring out how the framework worked, what it offered and where everything was, it's been a breeze to use. I like the way it's so pluggable - if you don't like one thing, replace it with another (for example I'm using a different templating engine, Mako, than the default).

MongoDB is interesting. It's taken me longer to learn how to use it, coming from a primarily MySQL background. I have to say that it's much more logical most of the time. It makes more sense, and it's a lot faster than a memory-heavy MySQL instance.

The site itself? It's coming along, but I don't want to reveal too much of what it is yet. There are comparable websites already in existence, but I think that there's room for one more with a few extra features. I'll be opening it up to testing in a few weeks, so if you're interested I may be able to get you involved!