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Type Website
Client Darran Bilton / Dalby Dash
Duration February 2011 until March 2011

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Dalby Dash

Charity race information website

  • Case study by John
  • March 21st, 2011

The Dalby Dash is an annual charity race run to raise money for Help for Heroes and Pickering Rotary Club. Recently, the race's organisers wished to replace their website with a new one to better convey race information to those who are interested in it.

What the client wanted

The client wanted a simple, to the point website which best conveyed information about the race to a wide demographic audience. It also had to be easily editable by the client themselves, for quick updates to the information presented on the site.

The site had to contain the same information as the site it replaces, including an 'about the race' page, a past results page, the entry form, and a new addition of a contact page for easy contact-ability.

The site as a whole had to be consistent, with a common header and footer containing a navigation menu and a list of sponsors and charities which will benefit from the race.

The text used on the site should be easily readable by a wide range of people.

The finished product

The site itself is a very basic one, probably the most basic I've made before.

As the race is being held near Dalby in Yorkshire, I chose to modestly theme the site with a green colour. The page background was a light green (gradient), with highlighted paragraphs background being off-white green.

Text is dark green and black, and links are dark blue. Emphasised text is normally slightly larger and darker than the surrounding text.

There are only four pages on the site; the 'About the Race' page (doubling as the home page), the 'Entry Form' page, a 'Results' page and a 'Contact' page. These pages serve the purpose set out by the client to provide a simple, logical, easily-navigable site.

Additionally, some pages feature a countdown to the race itself (made in javascript), which counts down the number of days (and, when closer to the time of the race, hours) to the start of the race. This javascript, and the images used on the site, are hosted by me for free.

Overall, the site serves it's purpose well, and the client is very pleased with it.

Why use Posterous?

I opted to use Posterous as the host of the site instead of myself for a number of reasons:

  • The client doesn't have to go through me to make (most) changes to the site
  • I don't have to host a site on my server, limiting the costs to me (the site has been completed for free by me)
  • Posterous contains an easy to use page editor which a 'novice' user will find easy to use, instead of myself having to build or integrate one from scratch

Posterous also has several other advantages, including a media handler which lets a user upload a variety of types of file and have them processed 'in the cloud' automatically. In Dalby Dash's case, the is used on the Entry Form page to host a Word document via Scribd. A widget is placed on the page allowing a user with or without Word installed on their system to print the document.

More information?

If you need or want more information about this site, don't hesitate to get in touch with me! (This site isn't the most complicated of sites though, so why not look at some of my more complicated finished sites?)


The 'Dalby Dash' trail race was organised to raise funds for Help for Heroes and as such had a limited budget, as we wanted to give as generous donation to the charity as possible. Hence our original web site was 'home made' and rather amateur! We approached John at Freshly-Minted to rehash the site... rather than rehash the site he went one stage further. He totally rewrote the site, gave it a new look, make it easier to navigate around, with all the features we wanted on our 'wish list,' while offering full support, advice and guidance all the way. This made the task a very easy one for us (well, basically he did all the work!) I would personally like to thank John for all the hard work he put into turning a list of ideas into an amazing web site that is receiving a great deal of positive feedback. It is nice to see that "above and beyond" is John's work ethic!

Darran Bilton, Dalby Dash